CSS Design Awards Nominee

Concrete Garden

Nicola Bald Photography

Nicola Bald is a fashion photographer based in Edinburgh.  Her photographic style is sharp, quirky, and fun.  I am currently working with digital boutique to create a simple but stylish website that will showcase Nicola’s stunning photography. The website is in development stages so pop back soon to view the finished site.


Puparazzi offers a wide range of dog clothing, toys and accessories.  This ecommerce site was designed and built in Magento with a strong focus on usability so users can get to the products quickly and easily. I worked on the design strategy, and came up with the design concepts.  This site will be launching soon.

Hillfoot Farm Shop

Hillfoot Farm sells quality local meat and dairy products.  Currently working with digital boutique on the design stages at the moment.  Hopefully we will have the site up and running soon. I’ll keep you posted.


qoobah is a london based furniture company that take’s bespoke to a different level.  Their furniture is designed to allow their customers a chance to add their creativity to their chosen pieces. This site will be going into the development stages shortly.

Nobles Bar & Venue

Nobles Bar & Venue is a well known quirky Victorian bar in Leith, Edinburgh. It frequently has live music events and the food is fabulous. We have finished the design and development process, we are now adding the finishing touches to the site before launch. Pop back soon to see the new website.

Cube Hair

Cube hair is a trendy and stylish hairdressers in Clacton on Sea Essex.  The salon has been designed to a high specification and well equipped with all the latest tools and equipment.   I worked in collaboration with digital boutique to create the design concepts and branding. The site has just gone live – go check it out

view site

Betty Cunningham Charity

Betty Cunningham is a charity set up for African children which aims to provide food and education for the Kaponda district’s 1,290 children over the age of seven who have been living in severe poverty for many years. We designed a site that wasn’t hard hitting but has a positive note. The new website will have a web2 feel, so it stays current and keeps people up to date with the latest news, current supporters and most importantly how to make a donation.

The Comic Book Store

The Comic Book Store is a new store opening up in Edinburgh. The new site is designed and built in Magento ecommerce. This site’s focus is user friendly with strong emphasis on being very visual to complement the brands this store sells. I’ll keep you posted when the site goes live.


If you don’t know already, SNAPfax is a company which offers fantastic discounts and promotions to students and gold card members around the UK. The new site will have a variety of fancy functional features, designed and developed in Magento ecommerce. The new site will have a trendy and fun look and its focus is to appeal to a younger target audience. The website is in the development stages at the moment. I’ll will keep you posted when the site goes live.

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