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creating a great brand

The web brings your business opportunity.  The downside is there is so much more competition.  That is why your business – your brand in particular – needs to be instantly recognisable.  Not just your logo; not just your name; your online brand needs to stand out and grab your customers attention more than your competition does.  How ambitious is your brand?

Here’s something to scratch your head over….

brand content

Your brand message is the most important part of your brand.  What does it say to your customers?  What do you want it to say to your customers?  Think of some of the most instantly recognisable brands.  What do they say to you?  What is out there already to help you build your brand?

consistency of your brand

How well recognised do you want to be?  Does your message span your business, your products, and your services?  This is your business after all, it’s important to you.

clarity of your brand

If your customer sees your brand – what do they think of?  Do they know what you offer?  Does it re-assure them?  Does it convey the trust and confidence that you want and need?  Does your brand say to your customers what you want it to say?

nurturing your brand

Like a seed, your brand won’t grow overnight.  It needs to be cultivated and nurtured gradually if you want it to flourish.  How do you connect with your customers?  How do you build long and productive relationships with them?  In short, how do you get to know them and how do they get to know you?  What kind of experience do you provide them with?

What do you do next?     

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